Artist Profile

My journey back to art

For about 20 years I felt like my creativity was put on hold. I had a family and a career in large international corporations and I spent some time living in other countries. During that time, art was not a priority. I only turned to art, when I was in a crisis and really needed to process what was going on, without using words.
Then in 2015, I was at a point in my life when I had time and space once again to do what had brought me so much joy as a young girl; drawing, painting and playing around with materials. A good friend of mine nudged me; she gave me my first kit of acrylic paints and canvases. And lo and behold, my very first painting turned out pretty good (I thought so, you can judge for yourself).
So I took a course, refreshed some of the basic principles of colors, composition etc. And since then I’ve been experimenting, drawing, painting, getting to know new materials, taking more courses. And now I can’t stop painting.
In 2018 I was lucky to be accepted into a shared studio in the artist community of Raadvad, near Copenhagen, which allows me to focus more on expressing myself through art.

Drawing at my desk, aged 13

My purpose

"Cobblestones" - my first painting Acrylic on wood 52x63cm / 20.5" x 24.8"
I love to create images that touch people; either because it makes them happy, or they recognize something. But more than anything, I’m thrilled when I manage to arouse their curiosity. If anyone looks at my paintings, wrinkles their nose, squints and goes ”What is going on here?” – then I’m happy. 
When you look at my works, you may wonder how they are all related. And they are not. Except through their creator. I’m too curious to make a lot of paintings that are similar. I have too many ideas that I want to try out. I need to be continously developing and growing, challenging myself with new techniques, subjects, materials and shapes. I think I can promise, you’ll never get bored with my works.